KCGS Membership Referendum

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This referendum asks whether the KCGS Constitution should be amended to grant full Membership to these three categories of Affiliate Member, allowing them to vote and stand in KCGS elections:

  1. Undergraduate members of the college in their fourth year or higher following their matriculation
  2. Undergraduate members of the college who were 21 years old or older at the start of the current Academic Year
  3. Exchange students who are undertaking graduate study at the College, who are intending to stay at King’s for longer than 9 months

The referendum also asks whether the KCGS Constitution should be amended to stipulate that students on the KCSU Executive Committee cannot stand for election to the KCGS Committee if the times in office would overlap.

The Executive Committee has published a short manifesto arguing in favour of a “yes” vote, which can be found here. Any KCGS member who, having read the proposed amendment, wishes to contribute a manifesto arguing for a “no” vote is encouraged to do so: this would be published in the same way with equal prominence.

Voting will begin at 12 noon on Thursday 31st October and end 48 hours later at 12 noon on Saturday 2nd November. All full Members of KCGS are eligible to vote, but Affiliate Members are not.

Further information, and the exact wording of the proposed Constitutional amendment, can be found here but a brief summary is as follows:

The students under consideration for full Membership are already Affiliate Members which means they have access to the grad suite and graduate social events. Granting full Membership would mean that they are also able to run for election to the KCGS Executive Committee, as well as vote in KCGS elections, referenda, and General Meetings.

The possible advantages are: The possible disadvantages are: